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Christmas Chocolates

I’ve always been an overachiever.

I’m the classic “first born child/people pleaser” and these tendencies have stayed with me from kindergarten (when I memorized not only my monologue in the Christmas play, but everyone else’s as well) to now when I’m making homemade chocolates packaged in Christmas themed mason jars for my kid’s teachers.


“Oh,” you might say. “You’re that mom.”

Well, yes and no.

I want to be her. I really do. But I just don’t have it in me. Between Kidnastics and multiple Christmas programs and multiple gift exchanges and, oh yes, laundry, Christmas could kick my booty.

So, sometimes I fake it. I bail on some Christmas programs (sorry, Matty B). I regift. It’s true. And it’s no secret that J Man wears the same Seahawks T-shirt several days in a row.


Also, I fake it on teacher Christmas gifts.


Today my kidlets gifted “homemade” chocolates in jars that looked like Rudolph, complete with the tag “Thanks for making my future bright!”


But here’s the “faking it” part.

1. I am not that creative and totally stole the idea from Pinterest.
2. Grandma V left me with more mason jars than I could possibly know what to do with.
3. My “homemade” chocolates? I melted chocolate chips, poured the melted chocolate into a squeeze bottle, filled the molds you see below, 5 minutes in the freezer, voila!


They popped out like a charm and 1 hour later (because I had 8 jars to fill) I was done. Also, J Man is a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, apparently….


I did three batches: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate was by far the easiest to work with. Super fluid, poured really easy and set up the best.


The only unfortunate part of me sharing the simplicity of this gift is the fact that some of the gift recipients also read this blog, so now they’re not fooled into believing that I’m an overachiever anymore.

Maybe I could still impress them with a Christmas monologue? I’ll bet I could still recite it…


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  1. Nope. Still counts as an over-achiever.


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