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Gingerbread Scones

There’s been so much “christmasing” going on around here that you’d never accuse us of grinchish tendencies.


We’ve been making Christmas crafts. Ok, ok, we’ve been assembling pre-cut, pre-adhesed, foam ornaments. I only have so much energy.


Because it takes a lot of energy to twist candy cane cookies! Ok, ok, the dough was from a tube in the refrigerated case at the grocery store. I didn’t have time to make dough because the Christmasy events we’ve been attending have kept us hopping!


Walla Walla does the cutest holiday parade. Notice how excited Miss Rae is. As always with parades, she was very concerned that it would be too loud…


I also made the fam go to a holiday bazaar at the Kirkman House museum. Ok, ok, the “bazaar” was lame, boasting 6 tables and we left after 10 minutes, but I had to save some time for the biggest event of the season!


Santa! Apparently the kids looked a little tense, because the photographer instructed them to “just relax”, thus J Man’s “lounging look”.

They managed to summon some energy for ice cream.



J Man is following in his mint-loving mama’s footsteps with his first peppermint ice cream- he loved it!


But it takes more than peppermint ice cream to sustain all this holiday frivolity.


I made these gingerbread scones from my favorite epicurious and they were a hit! I omitted the raisins, added maple glaze and baked them for five minutes less than called for.

You should try them if you like peppermint ice cream and Christmas parades and boring holiday bazaars.


Oh, what fun!


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