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This one.


Oh, this one has my heart.

I mean, I will forever and ever adore my baby girl, but this boy…

So, school has been pretty fabulous for him. When he’s not being called Kyler or sharpening his pencil too sharp, he’s having a blast and he’s learning!

You’ve already heard about his penchant for numbers and his obsession with geography, but his latest thing is writing.



Football Teams, $35 to watch and play.
Kids only, ages 3-7
To Jackson

He’s decided that if he wants to earn money, he should charge people to both watch and play football with him.

And of course, there’s the obligatory Santa letter:



I love you. For Christmas I want some wood so I build a house. And a cookie jar, not real cookies, just play cookies.
Bye bye Santa.

Again, my little entrepreneur wants to build a house/store so he can sell things and make money.

But it was this message that I found the other day (I was letting him type) that melted my heart.


Jackson is 5 and 1/2. God’s world. Hi God. How’s it going? How do we worship God? Pray. Good job! How much is a dollar? 1.

What can I say? The dudes all about the money…


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