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Muddy Buddies

Sometimes names can be controversial. My brain immediately goes to Michael Jackson’s son, Blanket.

Blanket? I guess because he was comforting?

Yesterday J Man was pretty somber after school. When I questioned him on how his day was, he replied Bad! The rest of the conversation was as follows:

Me: “What was bad about your day?”

J Man: “People were calling me names!”

(Immediately, my mama bear instincts kick in. I feel my face start to flush and I’m ready to tackle whomever called my perfect baby boy a name!)

Me: “What did they call you?” (Naturally assuming the worst: dummy, stupid, etc)

J Man: long pause…”Kyler!”

Me: (Relieved and a little confused) “What did you say when they called you Kyler?”

J Man: “I said, WHAT???”


He doesn’t look like a Kyler, does he?

Sometimes names can be controversial.

Today I decided that the kids would help me make some muddy buddies (you know, the completely addictive chocolate peanut butter Chex mix stuff?).

Both kids were absolutely dismayed.

“MUD??? You want us to eat mud? I’m not eating mud! Why would you make us eat mud?”


They quickly changed their tune.

This snack mix feels very white trash to me, but it’s just so good. So comforting. Maybe we should rename it “Blanket.”

Muddy Buddies

(This is absolutely not MY recipe, but if you don’t have a Chex box in your house, you need to know quantities.


9 cups Chex (Any will do, I used Rice)
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar


In a microwaveable safe bowl, melt chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter for 90 seconds. Whisk until smooth. Add vanilla.

Pour over Chex and mix until each piece is well coated. Dump Chex and powdered sugar into a ziplock bag and shake.

Store in fridge.


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  1. Kyler? Who and why? They dont have a Kyler in their class do they??? Im excited you made muddy buddies. I picked up some rice cex last week for this exact recipe. Micah wants to make them. Maybe tomorrow. 😀

    • The funny thing was, it was MICAH who called him Kyler! I said, “buddy, he’s your best friend! He was just teasing you!” Maybe after the first grade teacher? Kindergarten humor- who knows?!?!

      • Hahahaaha! Oh man. Of course it was Micah. Oh brother. Well, hopefully it wasn’t too traumatic. Micah couldn’t give me a good reason, so i have no idea where Kyler came from.

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