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Brussels Sprouts

I wanted to talk about Brussels sprouts today, but I realize that I don’t actually have any pictures of said cruciferous vegetable, so I decided that I’d still talk about Brussels sprouts, but show you pictures of other things.

These are the easiest, most amazing cinnamon rolls ever and they are now my trick for making people love me.

So, Brussels sprouts are kind of awesome for you. I feel like they get a bad rap because people don’t know how to cook them but once you’ve had them done right, you’re a forever fan.

These days we do everything twice for equal opportunity. If only they both fought over cleaning their room…

I have this habit of browsing magazines or books, noticing recipes I’d like to try and then taking a picture with my phone.


I don’t, however, make any notations of what publication I’m reading, and thus, it’s impossible to give credit where it’s due. Well, except for the stuffing recipe above. All the credit goes to Katie Lee.

So, I did the same thing for this Brussels sprouts recipe. Sorry Bon Appetit?/Food Network Magazine?/Food&Wine? for the plagiarism.


I made these for Thanksgiving. They. Were. Amazing. Amazing.

The two key factors that took these Brussels from one “amazing” to two?

1. The balsamic honey. Granted, when I was reducing the balsamic vinegar, Miss Rae walked around the house with a blanket over her head proclaiming “stinky!” to anyone who would listen, but the end product was totally worth it.

2. The Brussels are roasted in garlic oil and the flavor is out of this world.

Three of my favorites: family, coffee and colored pencils

After boxing up some “to go” boxes of thanksgiving leftovers for my family, I threw away a lot of the remaining food. Adios mashed potatoes. See ya later stuffing.

But those Brussels? Oh, you know I saved those Brussels.

It’s possible they could be added to the list of favorites, right after colored pencils.

It’s possible that they will make people love me (maybe not more than the miracle cinnamon rolls.)

If only it were possible that my kiddos would fight over Brussels- not who gets to put the star on the tree.


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