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We’re not afraid of snow

On Friday it was almost 60 degrees.


We played outside in the sandbox without coats and life was good.


Please explain to me the phenomenon that turns a balmy 60 degree afternoon into a 12 degree evening?

But I’m not a complainer yes I am and a little snow doesn’t stop us!


We went ice bowling. This is 100% because of Curious George. Blast that monkey. The kids saw a snippet of Curious George that suggested they make their very own bowling set out of frozen milk jugs and water balloons.


I kind of thought it would be one of those things where the kids saw it and would then forget about it after 36 seconds.


Nope. FYI: the frozen water balloon was a major fail. A regular old basketball was better, but for the big chunks of ice/pins that we used, we really needed an actual bowling ball.


And then it was pizza time. We like grilled pizzas. You can make grilled pizzas in the oven, but they’re just so much better on the grill.


Matty B is a very good sport. Make sure you note the thermometer in the background.

We’re not afraid of snow!


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  1. I love the ice bowling idea! So great! Also. I LOVE snow. I want more. This weather is quite rediculous. But GRILLING in 30 degree weather?! Ya’ll are either crazy or motivated by food. Either way, thats a first for me.


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