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Thanksgiving 2014

Today I made everyone go around the table and say what they were thankful for. J Man and Miss Rae were excited about this part because they had been coached. Everyone else may have groaned internally, but they remembered their manners because I held the keys to the pie.

Answers ranged from Christmas (J Man) to real turkey (Unk C) to family (everyone:).

It was my favorite part of Thanksgiving.


Well, actually, my favorite part might have been playing football with the Indian on the left.


We won, beating the team made up of Matty B and Uncle Andrew. We let them score a few touchdowns, but the best team definitely came out on top.

Although, the food was pretty epic this year, so it’s possible that my favorite part was the food.



Good thing I burned a few calories this morning.


We trotted with the turkeys. I had hoped to win a pie, but I just wasn’t fast enough.


Andrew said he was going to run slow. He’s a big fat liar! He sped past Matty B and I like he was running for pie.


But was running really my favorite part of Thanksgiving? Absolutely not. My favorite part was definitely the family.

And the pie:)


(The pumpkin was prettier, but I don’t eat pumpkin pie.)


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