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Thursday Thoughts, XXI

1. I signed up for the Walla Walla Turkey Trot. I’m making Matty B and his brother and sister-in-law do it too.


Today was a warm day. It’s been in the low 20’s most of the week. Andrew and Sara, bring your gloves. And hats. And snow pants.


I’ve been preparing. Thank goodness for my yak tracks.

2. Yesterday was National Peanut Butter Lovers Day. How could I have missed that?


This is my current stash. I’m getting kind of low.

3. 12 ridiculously hot products that every ridiculously cold person will want.

Yes to #’s 1, 15, and 19. Did you not see my frosty face above?

4. J Man has taken to writing us messages and posting them for all to see.


Translation: No going in our room unless we’re in there.


Translation: Be careful with our clothes.


No, thank you.

5. I saw this in a magazine and I think I could totally pull it off.


And then I read these Thanksgiving pinterest fails and now I’m sure it’s going to look like this:


Any ridiculously complicated crudités platters on your Thanksgiving menu? No? Just me?


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