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An announcement

So, I have something to say.

No, mom, I’m not pregnant. Good try.


The picture above is a hint and if you’re much of a consistent Versatile Vegan reader, you might have your suspicions.

You might think that I’m more versatile than actually vegan.

You’d be right. And if we’re coming clean, I’m not at all vegan anymore.

It started innocently enough with the fact that I couldn’t handle soy or almond milk yogurt. So I ate regular Greek yogurt, but that was it. No other dairy.

But cheese? Oh, cheese. There is really no substitute for good cheese and I went through all the stages of grief with this one before I decided, why not cheese?

And then as I was training for my 1/2 marathon, I really started craving eggs. Yes, smelly, smelly eggs. I ate some the evening after I finished the race, hoping that the craving would be satisfied. It only seemed to fuel the fire. Now I eat scrambled eggs at least once a week.

And at that point, resisting the ice cream above seemed absolutely futile. I’m still very vegetarian, but I can no longer resist the siren song of real butter.

I felt like I had to tell you. Many of you have been with me for a good two years and I owe it to you to be honest. I feel like I’ve been pretending for awhile. Well, no more pretending.

Miss Rae just came running up the stairs.

“Mommy, will you play house with me? And let’s pretend that you’re the Mommy and I’m your baby.”

See? No more pretending!

I’m still going to yack about my running and my kids and the good food I eat. I hope you stick around!


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  1. It’s not what you eat, it’s you and the stories of J-man, Miss Rae and Matty – B…. That’s why I’m sticking around! Blog on!

  2. Jennifer Gilliland

    I just discovered you and I too am more versatile than vegan. I am trying to be more vegan but will settle for more whole foods. I for one will stick around since versatile seems more my real than total vegan. Please keep posting options!

  3. That’s great news. You are one more step closer to being awesome (


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