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Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

So, Jack the cat died.

Mom, you might want to stop reading.

If you’re new, we moved in with Great Grandpa about 16 months ago. Well, we moved in with Great Grandpa and Jack the cat. (I’m not sure why we always add “the cat” after his name, but we do.)

Sadly, Great Grandpa died almost exactly a year ago. And last week, Jack the cat missed Great Grandpa too much and he died too.

Jack was old. Super old. And I was sad, of course, but kind of relieved that he didn’t have to endure another winter (he didn’t like to be in the house) and while I was certain that the kids would be sad, I wasn’t prepared for J Man’s emotional response.

My buddy burst into tears. He immediately wanted to know where Jack the cat was and questioned whether or not Daddy had thrown him very high into the sky so Jesus could reach down and take him to heaven. The theology might be lacking a little, but I assured both kids that we would see Great Grandpa and Jack the cat again when Jesus comes.

J Man was still pretty morose, so I suggested that he make a picture for Jack the cat.


To translate, we’ve got a sign at the top with “No Jack”. Underneath he’s written, “Jack is a rock” and then that’s supposed to be a star. Jack’s house makes an appearance along with a pen drawing of Jack himself. The final word on the page, Jack, crossed out really gets me.

And now J Man is already talking about getting another pet. Oh boy…

I thought of Jack the cat tonight. Well, I actually thought of mashed potatoes, because that was dinner. Mashed potatoes always makes me think of Great Grandpa because he loved mashed potatoes and gravy. And thoughts of Great Grandpa led to Jack the cat.

Great Grandpa would actually have been pretty irritated with the way I prepared my mashed potatoes.


I used cauliflower. With the holidays coming up, I’m trying to pre-watch my calories so I can have my Christmas cookies and eat them too. Cauliflower is lower in calories than potatoes, so that helps, but just plain mashed cauliflower isn’t my favorite.


Two tips for making awesome cauliflower mashed potatoes

1. Use 1/2 potatoes and 1/2 cauliflower. I really truly couldn’t tell that I was eating cauliflower when it was mixed in with a small amount of potatoes.


(Sorry for the foggy photos- my potatoes and cauliflower were steamy!)

2. Cook your cauliflower well. No one wants crunchy mashed potatoes and use a potato ricer. The mixture was super smooth and silky, just like mashed potatoes should be.


Great Grandpa would’ve wanted nothing to do with my mashed cauliflower potatoes, but he would’ve been happy to know that J Man was so attached to Jack the cat (although I’m certain that he would’ve frowned on J Man’s idea for how Jack might get to heaven…)


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