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Peanut Butter Cookies

We’ve talked before about the standard I’ve set with my children involving my business trips as compared to their treats. Aka, my guilt gets them some nice stuff.

Last week I had a very speedy out-and-back to Portland. I was gone less than 24 hours. There was no time for shopping, unless you count my breakfast at Panera (swoon) and thankfully, some frosted pumpkin cookies caught my eye. Just a little something for the kiddos to know I was thinking of them.

So when I returned and woke the kids up the following morning, they were polite for about 48 seconds before J Man questioned, “Did you bring us a treat from Portland?”

Past treats have involved basketball jerseys and paint-by-number books, so I knew that the pumpkin cookie may or may not be met with rounds of applause. (Sidenote: a colleague and experienced business traveler/mom shared with me that she rarely purchases gifts for her kids at her destination city, but instead swings by Wal-Mart on her way back home and buys Polly Pockets for the win. Brilliant.)

Wishing to soften the blow, I said, “Mommy was gone for a very small time, so this is a very small surprise.”

J Man eyed me suspiciously.

“Is my treat a hug?”

After those low expectations, both kiddos were thrilled with their pumpkin cookies and all was well in the world.


Except for the fact that I didn’t bring Matty B a pumpkin cookie, and truth be told, when I’m gone overnight, he’s the one who deserves the biggest treat for enduring bath/jammies/stories/prayers/I-need-a-drink-of-water/is-olive-the-cat-going-to-come-into-my-room-and-scratch-me?


So I made some cookies. I didn’t make up the recipe, but I did add peanut butter chips, so I feel like I can take partial credit for their amazingness.


The recipe is so simple and the ingredients so few that you could easily memorize this process and then shock and amaze random people at a moments notice.

Matty B officially proclaimed these his 2nd favorite cookies in the world. Second only to peanut butter blossoms, of course.


We ate them with my mom and dad along with popcorn and apples. We also played wii bowling which is apparently very boring to J Man now. You would’ve thought I had offered him a hug…


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