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Five on Friday

1. We took the kids to get flu shots. It was semi-traumatic and the only thing that got us through was the promise of a treat afterward.

There was both a fro-yo shop and DQ just down the street from the hospital. Would either of those suffice?


Absolutely not. Baskin Robbins was requested and even though it’s all the way across town (and yes, I understand that I live in small town Walla Walla, it was still far away!) and it was snowing, we slipped and slid our way to Baskin Robbins.


Shockingly, we were the only customers on this 28 degree evening. And yes, Miss Rae got vanilla. Vanilla.

2. Speaking of snowy weather, my dad absolutely petrified me this evening. He and my mom were driving from Portland, home to Walla Walla and the roads were treacherous. I was certain they would be fine until I received this text:


I need help. WHAT?!

I frantically called him. It was a pocket dial. OMG, I almost had a heart attack. He better have brought me a souvenir.

3. Miss Rae has inherited her daddy’s love of catalogs. Her latest favorite activity is to take a marker and circle all the things she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas.


Tea set? Typical. Cute bunny sleeping bag? Naturally. Christmas ornament organizer? What???

4. I need this overnight pumpkin spice cinnamon roll loaf.


Need. It feels like the right thing for Thanksgiving day breakfast, don’t you think?

5. I tried to buy the kiddos snow boots today. Because it’s been doing this:


Purchasing snow boots in Walla Walla is apparently an impossible task involving fairy dust and a unicorn. The shopping here is awful and I’m not even telling you how I really feel.

But. But.


The sunsets can’t be beat. I dare you.


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