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WIAW, Veteran’s Day

On a “normal” day I’m pretty good at being healthy. A few miles at the crack of dawn or a yoga class before the crack of dawn always sets me up for a day with balanced nutrition. And part of that “balance” comes into play because on a normal day I’ve pre-packed my breakfast and lunch and I’m pretty diligent about feeding my kids well for dinner, thus Matty B and I reap those benefits.

But on an “abnormal” day, all bets are off. And today I mostly ate whatever I wanted at that moment, so you’ll see a fair amount of green and a lot of sugar…

Because of Veteran’s Day, J Man didn’t have school so I took the day off to chill with the kiddos.


Breakfast: fruit and yogurt because the boy had already requested a trip to the Walla Walla Bread Co. and I can’t say no to their scones.



Snack 1: pumpkin scone (puts Starbucks to shame) and soy latte (puts Starbucks to shame), and of course, colored pencils.



Afterward, we headed to the Milton-Freewater Veteran’s Day Parade because Matty B’s school was participating. As you can see, Rae loves parades. That’s why she covered her ears the entire time, even when candy lay in piles at her feet.

Snack 2: unpictured fun size peanut butter snickers. It was laying at my feet!


Interestingly enough, at the end she said, “that was fun!” Really?


Lunch: Green smoothie. I’d had a sugar overload and it was barely noon. This smoothie made me feel a little bit better about life. Banana, raspberry, spinach, almond milk, almond butter, cocoa powder. Bonus: extra for tomorrow! Note: the logos on those cups are about as polar opposite as they come…

After lunch, the kids had some friends over (it was a miracle- we found friends who have a boy exactly J Man’s age and a girl exactly Miss Rae’s age! This scenario allows me to drink coffee and have adult conversation with another woman who, shockingly, shares a lot in common with me based on the fact that her children are my children cloned. It’s beauty)…anyway during this play date I put out some snacks: apple wedges, cucumber slices and these:


Snack 3: 1/2 this box. They were too spicy for the kids and I loved them!

Dinner was simple and easy- this salad plus a few bites of Matty B’s pasta.


And then because I certainly couldn’t end a day like today without dessert…


They looked so lonely in the bottom of the bag…

Today was good. Great, actually. But I’m ready to get back to my idea of “normal”- although I still wouldn’t mind candy laying in piles at my feet…


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