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Apple Taste Test

I’m not getting many “apples for the teacher” these days.

A) I’m not teaching anymore.

B) Shockingly, in my entire teaching career (10 years), I never once received an actual apple from a student. But, to be honest, Starbucks cards always trump apples. Keep giving your teachers Starbucks cards.


We went to Davis Orchards in Milton-Freewater. I wanted U-Pick. No such luck.


Ok, we cheated a little bit.

What Davis did have was giant bins of apples (seconds) that you could paw through and choose your favorites to fill a 50 lb. box for $12.





So we did.

And then we made cider and applesauce and pies (to come) but because we go to great lengths to make the mundane things of life exciting, we had the First Annual Bryant Apple Taste Test. Also known as FABATT. This test was blind, but I left that out of the name because then we’d have FABBATT, and that’s just ridiculous…


From left to right, Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Cameo and Fuji.

Our thoughts on these apples?


In last place, Braeburn. Mushy texture and the flavor was “off.” Unk C thinks this specific apple was no good.


In 3rd place, Golden Delicious. Also a mushy texture, but the flavor was better.


In 2nd place, Cameo. Nice, firm crunch- no mealy or mushy texture. The flavor was good, but not as good as…


1st place: Fuji! This came as no surprise to me. I only buy Fujis at the store. For our apple palette, they’re a consistent favorite.

Do you have a favorite apple?

I also like Honeycrisp, but can’t rationalize paying $5.99 per apple.


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  1. I make my kids bring their teachers an apple every year on the first day of school! It is so old-school and the teachers are always so surprised.


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