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Thursday Thoughts, XX

1. I have a new addiction:



Trader Joes Salted Almond Butter. Oh my goodness. I opened the jar on Monday and it’s halfway gone. Please add this to my Christmas list.

2. We had some professional photos taken of the kiddos.


Are these the cutest little scholars you’ve ever seen? Arella Devorah Photography, if you’re local in the Walla Walla area.

3. I tried the “Franken Frappuccino” from Starbucks.


Blech. It was supposed to be chocolate chip mint, but it tasted like the green Necco wafers.

4. Some thoughts on driving solo for 4 hours during what feels like the middle of the night:

a) You’d think a Chipotle burrito would be easy to eat while driving. You’d be wrong. Disaster, I tell you. There are black beans, corn kernels and bits of rice all over my upholstery.

b) The evil side of me really loves it when a car who was tailgating me and then sped past me was later found pulled over, receiving a ticket.

c) If there are no hot tamales to be found, peanut m&m’s are a somewhat acceptable substitute.

d) I like my music LOUD. Also, in general, I only have running songs on my phone, so music options are limited. Somehow I ended up with a medley of En Vogue, the Fugees and Adele.

5. It’s finally Fall!


I mean, I know it’s officially been Fall for a long time, but it finally feels like Fall!


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