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A few of my favorite things…

Matty B whisked me away on a fall adventure and other than the fact that I didn’t get to kiss my kiddos good night, it was a weekend full of my favorite things.




We stayed at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA. Autumn was in full force with crisp air and beautiful fall foliage. Skamania boasts giant rock fireplaces, huge floor to ceiling windows that overlook the Columbia River and a giant outdoor hot tub.



We had a really good balance of sleeping in/reading the newspaper (two things we love doing) with being active outdoors. We went on a hike, rented two bikes to ride into town and I even found time for a run!



I ran two 1.5 mile loops on the trail above. I love trail running, but I can’t zone out like I do when I’m running my typical routes in Walla Walla. I really have to focus on not breaking my leg (super uneven, rocky terrain) and not being eaten by bears. It should be noted that I had no reason to fear bears, but I have a fairly active imagination.

It’s a good thing we burned some calories because other than sleeping in and newspaper reading, we also love eating!






Exactly one of the above meals is vegan. I have no shame.

This weekend was exactly what I needed to usher in the craze of the holidays!



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  1. I love reading your posts. Every one of them makes me laugh.


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