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3 Supers, an Afro-nerd, Quasimodo, and a Lumberjack

How’s that for a title, huh?

So, in a stroke of genius, Matty B and I are escaping for the weekend to celebrate his birthday/fall/we-haven’t-died-from-exhaustion life and it just so happens that we’ll miss trick or treating with the munchkins who will be with Papa and Grandma.

So I decided that this pro-Christian/pro-any holiday family needed a Halloween party.

The following text went out:


The plan was fresh-pressed apple cider, quesadillas and ice cream sundaes (have I mentioned that I’m struggling with the “vegan” part of my life? Yeah, we need to catch up…soon).


I knew that superman and super girl would be making an appearance, but I assumed that Unk C’s “costume” would be a sombrero and Papa might wear two different colored socks for his participation points.

When I got gone from work I put on pajamas (because I use whatever excuse I can find to wear them) and a tiara (because I had to follow my own costume rule). I was Princess Slumber Party…


…who was apparently sent from heaven (note the angelic halo affect I have going on).

Matty B was a good sport (who might have the flu) and still dressed up as a lumberjack (his secret dream job).

So imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang and in walked Afro-nerd, Quasimodo and Super Woman.



They truly put Princess Slumber Party to shame.


I have the best craziest family.


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