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Fight Like A Girl

I ran a 5k this morning. I’ve come to that place where I’m not nervous before most races. I know I can do it. I’ve already proven it to myself.

Today, however, was the first race that I truly ran in honor of someone.


I sure miss this lady. I really wish she could see me. See my beautiful babies (she would love them:), see how happy we are living in her house, see that I’m a mostly good person, who really tries to follow the amazing example she set.

For whatever reason, that sticker on my chest really kept me thinking about Grandma V as I was climbing the hills (only a few) and passing other runners (only a few;).


I “pinked it up” as best I could and got to the starting line with minutes to spare.

There was enough time, however, for a picture with some colleagues. Renee, don’t be mad at me for sharing this photo…


And we were off! I didn’t have a PR, but I was happy with my pace and, of course, happy to cross the finish line, especially with my kiddos and Matty B there to cheer me on.



And I’ve done all of these things…


And I know Grandma V would be proud.

Also, I didn’t break my ankle like last year so that’s a bonus…


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  1. Not mad at all – love this picture so much I shared on FB. 🙂


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