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Maple Pumpkin Waffle Topping

Stickers are the new thing.

My kiddos tend to go through phases of entertainment that have ranged from bowling to the countries of Africa.

These days, it’s stickers.

I’m the mom who feels guilty about business trips and thus tries to buy her children’s love and forgiveness with trinkets and candy. Interestingly enough, this tactic works well with Matty B, too.

So, in addition to Trader Joes treats (let’s be real- these were for me) and a couple of pillow pets, I also brought home some stickers.

Specifically for my little princess, a booklet that allows you to accessorize other princesses.

Naturally, Miss Rae went to town. Please allow me to introduce you to some princesses that you might not know exist…


Princess I’m Scared And Maybe It’s Because My Eyelashes Are On The Insides Of My Eyes


Princess I’ve Got A Wad Of Skoal In My Cheek


And my personal favorite, Princess Heterochromia Who Happens To Be Growing A Bejeweled Goatee

Of course, J Man had to join the party and beautify his own princess…


You can never have too many jewels.

I’m not much of a jewelry fan myself, but I feel the exact same way about pumpkin.


You can never have too much pumpkin.

Dinner tonight was TJ’s Pumpkin Waffle mix, veggie sausages and apple slices. When J Man heard me telling Matty B what the menu was, he cheered!

I guess I didn’t need to waste my money on pillow pets- all he wants is pumpkin waffles!


The waffles were good. Anything from TJ’s is.

But my topping was the best part.

2 TBS pumpkin purée
1 TBS almond butter
1 TBS real maple syrup
1 TBS almond milk
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Whisk together and microwave about 90 seconds, stirring in 30 second increments.


Topped with this yummy combination and a handful of chopped apple, this dinner kept my mouth full.

Not full of Skoal, full of waffle.

Just to be clear.


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