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Kure Juice Bar Review

Today I was driving back from my PDX conference with a co-worker.

In his cup holder, a large Pepsi.

In my cup holder, this:


Apple, kale, pineapple and cilantro (which was a surprisingly delightful combination!)

I wanted to take a photo of the two opposite sides of the beverage spectrum, but I didn’t want to be rude (so I’m splashing it all over my blog instead:).

Kure is a juice bar in Portland, one outlet conveniently located directly across the street from my hotel.


You can get smoothies, juices or acai bowls and I’m mad that I didn’t try Kure until 5 minutes before we left town.


If you look real close, you can see Pepsi dude’s back. And from here on out, he will forever be known as Pepsi dude. Also, it was really nice of him to wait in line with me when all he really wanted to do was go to Taco Bell.


In addition to my green juice, I also got a smoothie. It was called The Little Wing (which I actually don’t understand) and it was delicious! Banana, almond butter, maca, agave nectar, cacao nibs and coconut water. It kind of reminded me of my favorite cacao seduction smoothie (did I mention that The Garden went out of business!?! I knew it!)

Best of all, after a couple of days full of “splurge” food and very little exercise (Portland, why must you rain all the time? I just wanted one outdoor run!) these beverages made me feel a little more virtuous and a little less “chipotle” (which is a new way of saying “so full that the only thing I have energy for is a nap”)

Also, Pepsi dude?

Pepsi is just like battery acid.


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