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WIAW: PDX style

I’m in my beloved Portland for a conference. I miss my family. The complimentary coffee is pretty bad, and if I hear the words “web strategy” or “content collaboration” again, I will scream.

Also, bonus points to anyone who knows what API, CMS, or MOOC stands for. And don’t think I’ll give you any hints because I don’t know what they mean either.

But the food? Oh, the food. I do love my Portland food.

Today, for What I Ate Wednesday, some thoughts on food in Portland.

Thought #1: Conference breakfasts aren’t always awful.


Don’t get me wrong. There was a bevy of breakfast meats and pastries on display. However, at the end of the buffet was a big pot of Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats, strawberries and caramelized pecans. Delicious.

Thought #2: I’m not the only one who takes pictures of the food I eat.


Coffee and treats with my friend, Gabs at my absolute favorite Crema. I love love their Spanish latte.

Thought #3: When inviting a friend to lunch, you should always choose someone who likes the same flavors you do so that you can share.



Blossoming Lotus~ we shared the Fig/Brie sandwich and the Thai wrap. We loved both, but the Fig/Brie sandwich was the ultimate winner.

Thought #4: Best fall drink I’ve had yet this season=Pumpkin Chai latte


Also, the best accompaniment to a Pumpkin Chai latte is gossip with a good friend:)

Thought #5: You shouldn’t even step into a dressing room to try on patterned leggings after eating an enormous Chipotle bowl.

You will regret it.

Bad news? I’m. Uncomfortably. Full.

Good news? No patterned leggings.


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  1. I’m so jealous! The food looks amazing. I love food. I love it. You enjoy that!


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