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Thursday Thoughts, XVIII

1. Miss Rae’s preschool is awesome.



They got to make applesauce yesterday and she loved it, but apparently OD’d on it because for a snack this afternoon she requested “apple, no sauce”…

2. My aunt Pam pitied us with our sad little watermelon…


Remember this?

And she brought us a GIANT delicious watermelon from her garden.



It’s so good and it’s that last little reminder of summer…

3. My co-workers got me a headlamp for my birthday.


Headlamp selfie.

I love it because I feel so much safer now when I run in the early mornings. Also, this 100% trumps last year’s gift from them which was a block of tofu with sticks and leaves stuck in it…

4. I had 7 child-free, work-free hours to myself this morning. Angels were singing. In case you were wondering, this is what I can accomplish in 7 CF/WF hours:

1. 55 minutes of yoga
2. 5 loads of laundry (washed, dried, folded, put away)
3. 10 toenails painted
4. 2 episodes of Giada deLaurentis
5. 1 Facebook post
6. 1 amazing spinach, raspberry, banana smoothie
7. 2 loads of dishes
8. 4 rooms vacuumed
9. 2 rooms dusted
10. 4 miles, run
11. 1 refrigerator cleaned out
12. 3 sets of bed sheets changed
13. 1479 pieces of watermelon eaten

It was a very productive morning!

5. Are the following cookies inappropriate to take to a Christian school for snack?


They look adorable (and delicious) (and easy), but I don’t want someone mad at me because they’re kinda “halloweeny”. Also, is “halloweeny” a word?


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  1. I hate halloween AND spiders – but I’m totally not offended and wouldn’t be upset by the spider cookies. For spiders/halloween treats – they are cute. So there’s ONE opinion for you. 🙂


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