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Cinnamon Chip Blondies

FYI: I’m a really good mom.

There’s a very popular kid’s gymnastics class at the university. This summer, whenever we would walk by the gym, J Man and Miss Rae would longingly crane their necks, looking at the boys and girls whose mommies loved them enough to sign up for Kidnastics.

So I talked to the program coordinator and she said, “The Kidnastics moms are crazy. On registration day, line up early.”

Registration opened at 9 am. I got in line at 7:15. I was number 12 in line. I waited for 2+ hours and paid a large sum of money so my kids know that their mommy loves them.




And so they owe me, right?

Today was the first cold, rainy day we’ve had this fall. I needed something warm and sweet.


J Man wanted chocolate chip cookies. Sorry, dude. We’re out of chocolate chips. Matty B, what do you know about this?

Miss Rae wanted sparkle glitter cookies (her current favorite color being sparkle glitter) but the only sparkle glitter we possess is in the form of Christmas decorations and it’s just too soon.

Could we also mention (being that it was the first cold, rainy day this fall) that the only activity that sounded appealing to my children was going outside and jumping on the trampoline.

I did not want to go outside. Cold. Rainy. Enough said.

I even pulled out the play doh. These are drastic measures because I almost hate cleaning up play doh more than I hate being cold.



All of this to say, sometimes I come first. Sometimes I get what I want.


And I wanted Cinnamon Chip Blondies. And maybe it was because they were sick of eating play doh, but the king and queen loved the Blondies and in turn, proclaimed their love for me.

And sure enough, that pushed me over the edge.


And I braved the cold with my coat and fuzzy socks and slippers and coffee.


FYI: I’m a really good mom.


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  1. Yes, you are a good mom.

  2. Those moms ARE crazy! And ya, you’re an amazing mom. You should have told me the kids were going to be in kidnastics. I was contemplating putting Micah in, but didn’t… but had I known… :0)


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