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Carrot juice

I have no shampoo, only conditioner.

How is that possible? I have many unopened bottles of what appears to be shampoo underneath the bathroom sink.

No no. All conditioner. All. Conditioner.

When I whined to Matty B about it, he said, “Do what I do. Wash your hair with bar soap.”

Matty B’s somewhat questionable hygiene practices are the least of my worries.

We’ve been growing some crazy carrots.



Our first experience with garden carrots was pretty negative in that J Man is the only one that didn’t spit out his bitter mouthful of carrot pieces.

On a daily basis, we’ve been collecting carrots and no one is eating them. I finally decided, in a feeble attempt to provide some nutrients to my bones (there’s been a lot of coffee lately) that I would juice all the carrots.

But I had no oranges, only carrots. And anytime I’ve ever made carrot juice, it’s always been carrot/orange juice. And especially, especially with potentially bitter carrots, I knew I needed a “sweet” factor.

But we had no oranges, only carrots.

Which turned out to be incorrect.

We had no oranges, only carrots and apples.


I juiced 8 alien carrots and 1 giant Fuji apple. It was so good. The combo is really complementary because the carrot adds almost a richness to the sweet hint of apple.


And I have enough leftover for my lunch tomorrow! The only thing that sicks me out is the foam on top. I like foam in my latte, not in my juice.

Maybe I can use carrot juice foam to wash my hair.

Cause I have no shampoo, only conditioner.


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