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My title is a (kinda sorta) code. If you crack it…I’ll give you a high five.

If you have to have a birthday, you might as well make it good.

If, by chance, you’re becoming “middle-aged” you should definitely eat right.


Oats topped with chia seeds, hemp hearts, pecans and cacao nibs- a veritable bowl of health.

Eaten outside in your pajamas and winter coat while you watch a special “birthday presentation”.


Note the pink sparkle confetti. That was special for me.

Also, like any normal gray-haired lady you should go for a 12 mile run. Other than the blisters on my feet, I don’t have any evidence of these 12 miles because my phone (run tracker/music/podcasts) DIED after 10.5 miles. I was so mad. Because unless you have a picture, it didn’t happen.


Since I burned 1200+ calories it was almost required that I refuel with a decadent breakfast. I ate some of everything pictured. And then I wanted to take a nap.

But guess what?!?! I could! And I did. Cause it’s my birthday. Also, I watched an episode of Friends. That’s how old I am. (It was the one with all the cheesecakes and it was hilarious.)


And for the main event, definitely invite the “Supers”: man and girl. They will absolutely rock the karaoke (their most requested tunes being Jesus Loves Me and Jingle Bells. Rockers, these two.) and you’ll need some help with the trick candles.


You know. Cause you’re old and almost out of oxygen.

A 12 mile run and the “Supers”: man and girl may not make for the most conventional of birthdays, but I’m done conforming.

Well, almost done conforming. One of my gifts was a trip to salon. These gray hairs have gotta go!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!! (I need a high-five the next time I see you, by the way.) I cannot BELIEVE I didn’t know it was your birthday! Sounds like it was the best ever. Mostly because you got to eat all that amazing food, watch Friends and… an UNHEARD OF NAP!!! Happy Birthday lady. You are an amazing woman. And I’m really glad I know you.


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