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The Jogathon

I very rarely regret a run. It’s common for me to drag my feet on the way out the door (who wouldn’t at 5:30 am?) but once I get going and especially when I return I’m so glad I ran!


Today, I regretted my early run. I had three miles of hills this morning. Felt fine. No problem. I knew I was attending J Man’s jogathon later that morning, but the dude’s only 5, certainly he’d tire out after 4 laps.


4 laps=1 mile. We did 16 laps. Yes, my child ran (and I along with him) 4 miles this morning. Also, he’s fast! When you’re 5 and subliminally believe you’re the king of the world, you’re hugely motivated by classmates attempting to pass you. I could barely keep up.


(This pose is what I got when I asked him to show me how runners look. He must’ve used my running form as a model.)


Fearless Friend ran 18 laps (I told you, he’s a beast!) and I love this photo of them, post-race, full of pride!

I was pretty proud of my little runner too! Now I just need to go ice my hips…

P.S. Thanks to all our family and friends who sponsored these shenanigans!


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  1. You should of called us we would of sponsored jackson!

  2. LOVE it! I didn’t know how many J-man had run. “Fearless Friend” said he passed you two twice… but how often can you trust a 6 year old’s numbers? I gave FF a goal of 10 laps. Boy was I off. Looks like we vastly underestimate our children! ha!


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