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Thursday Thoughts, XVII

1. I missed National Coffee Day. What was I thinking? This pretty much sums up my love for this beverage (and also makes me adore Portland even more.)


2. We tried to grow a watermelon.



It was kind of a fail. I had a bite. It tasted like watermelon, I guess, but I was certain it was going to make me sick so I was already predisposed to dislike it. My Aunt Pam grew a GIANT (normal) watermelon this summer, so I need to find out her trick. Did you talk to your watermelon, Aunt Pam?

3. I’m so glad everyone’s back at WWU! Mostly because it’s friendlier, but also because the cafe has better food during the school year.


Today they had a build your own pho bowl bar. Is it pronounced “pho” with a long “o” sound or “phuh”? Either way, it was delicious.

4. Miss Rae found my phone the other day and told me she was taking a picture of me. I didn’t believe her, but pretended to pose for the camera.


Later, when I was looking through photos on my phone, I found the above photo! It’s even in focus! Good job, baby girl! Also, wow, my hair is long! I’m itching to get it cut. Matty B is dismayed. Naturally.

5. I had a late meeting tonight which meant my dinner was a bowl of Cheerios and 24 spoonfuls of this:


Best dinner ever.


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