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The Night Before

You might have picked up from previous posts that life has been a little stressful.

I’m pretty transparent.

An open book, really.

And I’ve learned some things along the way. Things about managing life.

One thing I’ve learned?


Do NOT keep the gummy vitamins in your car. I had been giving the kids a gummy on the way to school- one less thing to try and do as we’re running out the door. Yeah, they melt. One giant glob of Flintstone is what we’re dealing with now.

But I do have one fabulous piece of advice to share. The one mantra, if you will, that has kept me sane and functioning these last few weeks.

It’s a motto. A motto for life.

The Night Before.

That’s it. The Night Before. Everything and anything that can possibly be done the night before should be done. Do not rest, do not even consider sitting your weary body down in that big comfy chair until you’ve made your life easier for your future self.

What does my Night Before look like?



My yoga clothes for tomorrow (5 am comes early!) followed by the kids choosing their outfits for tomorrow. It should be noted that this is purely an exercise in futility for Miss Rae because the next morning she never wants to wear what she chose the night before.



Lunches are made. I’m committed to this for two more years, but as soon as Miss Rae is in full day Kindergarten, it’s HOT LUNCH FOR EVERYONE! I hope my kids like (vegetarian) mystery meat…


Backpacks are laid out and stocked with show and tell, jog-a-thon pledge sheets (anyone wanna sponsor an adorable Kindergartener?) and library books.


And the most important thing? The keurig is ready. At the push of a button, my coffee awaits.

If I’m completely honest, I have one more trick up my sleeve beyond The Night Before.


A sweet husband who works just as much as I do, yet still cleans the kitchen without even being asked.

I’m a lucky lady.


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  1. There is nothing hotter than a man who cleans the kitchen!


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