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505 miles in 22 hours and too many burritos

I drove to Boise for a work thing.


For a typical commuter, this isn’t a lot of miles, but my typical drive to work is exactly 1 mile, so I felt pretty hardcore today with 505.

505 miles gives you a lot of (welcome) time to think. My thoughts throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho, in no particular order:


1. I always start out strong on roadtrips. NO trashy food for me! Just because I’m not in my typical routine doesn’t mean I need to eat junk food!


By Baker City my resolve was out the window. I only eat hot tamales while driving, but now I MUST have them while driving. Of course I got the big pack.

2. Did you know that the speed limit in parts of Idaho is 80 mph??? This totally stressed me out. Picture white knuckles, tense posture, steel-like focus. I went 80, of course. Mostly because I was anxious to get to the mall before it closed (it’s been a loooong time since I’ve been to a mall) and I forgot about the time change! Blasted Mountain time!


Luckily, I made it with 20 minutes to slide right into Banana Republic. I realize this looks like a giant t-shirt, but it’s super cute on and has faux leather sleeves. I’m picturing this with my brown boots. Also, it was originally $150 and I paid $17.

3. By 9:30 pm I was starving and the closest option was Mexican take-out. This is what you get when you order a vegetarian burrito with no cheese at quarter to 10.


A very cheesy burrito. Also, do you see the size of this monstrosity? I’ve included my hand for reference, but that doesn’t really do it justice. This burrito was ENORMOUS. I ate 1/3 and fell asleep watching Conan.

4. 7:00 am: the hardest/easiest 5 miles ever.


Hard because I was stopping every 10 minutes to wait for yet another traffic light. Traffic was insane! Easy because…I was stopping every 10 minutes. Maybe this is how I should run the 1/2 marathon…?

5. Continental breakfast is always bad.


That is, unless you’ve just run 5 hard/easy miles and then it tastes amazing.

6. There is a moth in my car. He’s probably still there. Totally stressed me out. I was certain at any given moment that he was flying down my shirt. Between Mr. Moth and my 80 mph, it’s kind of a miracle that I’m alive.

7. Following my presentation, I was in a hurry to get home and just grabbed the quickest thing for lunch off the freeway.


I typically love Qdoba and it was good, but I was “burritoed-out”. No picture of said burrito cause I don’t use my phone while I’m driving. Anymore.

Fine. My phone was dead. Still, I shouldn’t use my phone while driving.


8. 2nd roadtrip guilty pleasure: Diet Coke. Also, I have a matchbox car and a poker chip in my cup holder. I don’t know why.

9. And because I feel like trash after my hot tamale/burrito/Starbucks (didn’t I mention the coffee?)/Diet Coke binge, this happened.


And when I arrived home, guess what Matty B wanted for dinner? Burritos.

We had corn dogs…and leftover Hot Tamales…


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  1. Amazing stamina. And totally funny.

  2. When did 505 miles become not a big deal for a typical commuter?


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