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It’s not chicken, it’s…squash?

The siren song of Starbucks sucked us in today. It was “buy one, get one” Salted Caramel Mocha or PSL. We went for the salted caramel because, obviously, and also this New York Post article.

The barista was new, they were out of Salted Caramel Mocha (what???) and naturally, the cake pops went down the hatch of the kiddos in lightning fast speed. All this to say, we needed some entertainment as we waited for our sub-par drinks (which, by the way, weren’t BOGO because they were out of Salted Caramel Mocha…whatever, Starbucks).

Thankfully, I’m one of those “always prepared” moms. Need a box of raisins, single use packet of sunscreen or expired soy milk coupon? It’s in my purse. Also in my purse: small tablets of paper, markers (crayons melt) and stickers.


Apparently we’ve skipped Christmas and are on to Easter in our drawings. Naturally, then, when I saw the next picture drawn, I thought…


Chicken, right?

No no no. This is obviously a dinosaur and what was I thinking even questioning this fact?

It’s not a chicken, it’s a dinosaur.

Or, if we’re talking about my dinner, it’s not chicken, it’s squash.


We got an acorn squash in our CSA. Do you know how hard these are to cut and trim?


Hard. I almost cut my finger off at least 36 times.


These look like cantaloupe. I kinda hate cantaloupe. J Man had a buddy over a few weeks ago and buddy’s mom brought a cantaloupe to share. I felt obligated to eat some so I choked down at least 5 chunks. It’s very hard to eat something so disgusting while pretending to like it in front of the person who brought it to you.


Back to the squash. After my near death experience of trimming this bad boy, I finally ended up with a pile of squash chunks that I tossed with olive oil, salt, granulated garlic and poultry seasoning. I hope there isn’t actually poultry in poultry seasoning.


High heat (450) for 30 minutes. A new baking sheet is on my birthday list. Maybe mine is so trashed because I roast everything at 450.


Soft tacos cannot subsist on squash alone, even if the squash is perfectly roasted. Lettuce, tomatoes, bell pepper and corn joined the party. By the way, I tried cooking my corn wrapped in a wet paper towel in the microwave. Fail.


Have you ever had the potato soft taco at Taco Bell? These are like those. Only better. And not from Taco Bell.


Because if you got a chicken taco at Taco Bell, you might hear, “It’s not chicken, it’s…?


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  1. The tacos look scrumptious! Something tells me you might never cut/peel an acorn squash again. I’m impressed that you did it, ’cause I’d sure never have the patience! Other squashes are at least a little easier than an acorn. Enjoying your posts so far. Thanks for the laugh today from this sentence: “I hope there isn’t actually poultry in poultry seasoning.” 🙂


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