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Mac ‘n Cheese Taste Test

Pre-kids I was certain that my future children would not subsist on Mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs, and PB&J alone.

They would enjoy thai food, pesto pasta, and maybe even some veggie sushi.

And then real life happened. And we do our best. We really do. We expose. We bribe. We demand “just one bite.” And still, Mac ‘n cheese is the obvious winner.

At least I’m in good company.


J Man invited a friend over for lunch. To clarify, this is Fearless Friend from swimming lessons. FF’s mom and I were trying to determine the lunch menu to suit her highly allergic youngsters and my highly picky ones.


Enter the Great Mac ‘n Cheese debate of 2014.

On the left, the blue box, Kraft Mac ‘n cheese.

On the right, the questionable white pouch, Leahey Gardens Macaroni and Cheese.

FF’s mom was happy with the ingredient list. No dairy, and no soy.


The powdered “cheese” looked suspicious, but doesn’t all powdered cheese look suspicious?


Us moms took a preliminary taste test.


It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good. It tasted very strong of nutritional yeast, but with aluminum undertones?

We didn’t say a word to the starving kiddos and served up lunch (vegan for all).

Fail. Total, utter fail. Kids, shockingly, took one bite and then devoured their PB&J. And maybe, if given the option of this vegan Mac ‘n cheese and thai food, I might enjoy some long awaited pad thai…

Has anyone found a good vegan Mac ‘n cheese in a box?


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  1. You should ask David about the Earth Balance Mac-n-noncheese he bought to try recently. Only place we have found it (so far) is at Whole Foods.

  2. No, unfortunately. The one I tried a couple years ago was Road’s End Organics, Organic Cheddar Shells & Chreese® and I was sorely disappointed. I think I choked it down because I hate wasting food, but the experience kept me from trying any other brands. It just wasn’t good. Although I don’t have children, I can’t imagine kids eating it. I think the only option is to make a vegan cheese sauce you like (in Vita-Mix,) freeze portions, and use as you need it.

  3. I searched my e-mail just now until I found this recipe, which a friend had tried and thought was good. Perhaps something to try, see if the sauce freezes well and your kids like it, then make several batches at once to store and add to macaroni when you want. And please let us know if you find a yummy boxed version!


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