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Two Truths About Chocolate Chip Cookies and No More Tears

J Man, from the backseat: “Ok, here’s the deal. When we get home, you make some chocolate chip cookies and daddy will jump on the trampoline with us and then when the chocolate chip cookies are done, you come out and say, “Cookie time!” and then we’ll stop jumping and eat chocolate chip cookies. Is that a good plan?”

It’s been a week of packing lunches and remembering to put the show-and-tell in the backpack. A week of dentist appointments (yes, still more!) and field trips (have you ever singlehandedly put six car seats in a suburban?). A week of staff meetings and team meetings and committee meetings.

And remarkably, a week of no tears.


That might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but J Man’s first two weeks of school were…emotional. There were tears over lost PE shoes (that were right in front of his face), and broken art projects. There were tears because I forgot to put the ice pack in his lunch box. There were tears because his pencil was too sharp.


This week, miraculously, no one cried at school! Not even Matty B!

Certainly, this was cause for celebration. And because I love cookies and because J Man asked so nicely and because chocolate chips, these happened.


I’ve bragged before about the best chocolate chip cookies ever and I continue to stand by my word. But these cookies are a very close second.


I got the recipe from a sweet little cookbook compiled by the hot lunch lady at my favorite elementary school in Portland. This particular recipe is from my friend, Bev, and I don’t think she’d mind me sharing it.


I omitted the oatmeal, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. And the cookies are amazing. And this recipe is fabulous, but I think I discovered two truths about chocolate chip cookies.


1. Always add a taste of molasses. Bev’s recipe calls for a tablespoon and the flavor that molasses gives is warm and cozy and spicy and…perfect.

2. Follow Bev’s instructions at the bottom of her recipe. I made the dough in my food processor which allowed the chips to be slightly chopped up for more chocolatey goodness everywhere.


The PE shoes are in his locker. The lunches are packed. Hopefully the pencils aren’t too sharp.


No more tears:)


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