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Thursday Thoughts, the “thankful” edition

I’m fully aware that single moms do what I’m currently doing all the time. And at the risk of sounding like a big fat whiner, I’m exhausted.

Matty B has been gone on a class field trip all week. I’ve been pulling mom duty 75% of the time and work duty 75% of the time and for those of you who passed 3rd grade math, that’s a lot of duty.

I. Could. Not. Have. Survived. This. Week. Without. My. Family.

I’m very blessed to have an amazing extended family with in-laws who send me sweet emails commiserating with me on root canals to my baby sister who texts me screen shots of my blog as she makes fun of me:)


I really looked like a nerd with that belly basket…

But this week especially, I’m so thankful for grandma, papa and Unk C.

1. When I need to go to the dentist for follow-up root canal appointments, my dad leaves work early to pick up the kids from school and then takes them for a treat. They looooove papa!

2. When I crash my car into a car wash (it’s a long story), my brother immediately gets out his tools to fix it.


I believe a trip to the Honda dealership is in my future, but Unk C made my car drivable and I would have been sunk without him.

3. My mom randomly makes massage appointments for me and will drop anything to watch the kiddos, even if it’s only for me to go on a run and clear my head.


Running in the evenings is so hard for me. I’m definitely a morning runner.

4. And when I return from said run, I find my kids decked out in Seahawks gear, eating pizza and excitedly watching the game with some of their favorite people around.




Thanks, guys. Family is truly the best.



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