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The Ultimate Bob’s Red Mill Taste Test

I’m definitely not a hoarder. I truly get a lot of joy from throwing things away.

Things I threw in the trash today:
The cupcake liners from Miss Rae’s kitchen set
Magnetic checkers (as the magnetic board is long gone)
146 pieces of paper that my children colored on (don’t tell)
A broken tiara
Ping pong balls with dings in them

And I have zero guilt. Not one iota. But you’ll note that none of the above items technically belong to me. So is it fair that I’m throwing away my children’s treasures, but not my own?

Case in point. I have a Bob’s Red Mill addiction. I hoard Bob’s Red Mill grains. So, in fairness to the broken tiara and the magnetic checkers, I went on a tasting spree to determine if I even like 1/2 the grains I own.

Note: for consistency sake I ate all grains below with peanut butter and banana, like I do with every hot cereal I eat.

1. Oat groats


Oat Groats (and the wheat berries below) were the most time intensive of the grains. They take a long time to cook and you have to plan as such. I soaked them overnight and used my rice cooker for an easy morning meal. I like the Oat Groats. The flavor was good, I enjoyed the “chew” factor and they kept me full all morning.

Score: 8/10

2. Rolled Spelt


This grain was the most reminiscent of regular oats which is probably why I liked it the best. It cooks slightly longer than rolled oats, but has an almost nutty flavor. Yum.

Score: 9/10

3. Kamut


My score for Kamut probably isn’t fair because I think that I waited too long to try this grain and it went rancid. It cooked up quickly (kind of reminded me of Cream of Wheat) but the flavor was just…off. One time my mom accidentally made a casserole with rancid sunflower seeds (remember that baptist dish, Unk C and Aunt B?) and the Kamut tasted like that. Blech. I threw the remainder away.

Score: 6/10

4. Sorghum


This grain actually smelled/tasted like popcorn. I probably would have liked it better for a savory meal because it was kind of strange for breakfast. Not bad, but I was glad I had a small package because I probably wouldn’t cook it again.

Score: 7/10

5. Wheat berries


The Wheat Berries were very similar to the Oat Groats but took even longer to cook and were even chewier. Meh. I’d eat Oat Groats before Wheat Berries so will probably toss these.

Score: 7/10

I think my taste testing was helpful, because it convinced me to toss two of the five (and I used up the sorghum). I love it throwing things away! Makes me feel like a queen! Too bad I don’t have a broken tiara…


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