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I blame it on the emotion of this day, but I’ve lost all will to clean.

A friend from across the world came to visit me at 5:30 this morning. We wrapped up in blankets and drank coffee on the back patio because:

A) I didn’t want to wake up the kids
B) Our house was a disaster.


I warned her via Facebook.

I’m not cleaning because I’m tired. I’m not physically tired (I’m getting adequate sleep and running enough to chase away lethargy), but I’m emotionally spent.

Sometimes, all the time I struggle with change.

Today, the kid who used to look like this:


(Thanks to a former student for finding this picture in an old yearbook:)

Now looks like this:


And is officially in Kindergarten.

I cried. A lot. Enough that I had to leave his classroom, go home and pull myself together and then return to school to finish filling out paperwork. I told you. Emotionally spent.

His report for the day?

“I like my teacher but there is going to be too much homework because she said we will have 12 quizzes everyday.”

I mentioned it’s Kindergarten, right?

I guess we’ll just be adding a stack of homework to the ever growing pile on the breakfast bar. My house will never be clean again.


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