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Novel, but not great: yellow watermelon

There are some things in life that people only like because they’re novel.

Exhibit A: this vegeburger using a glazed doughnut as a bun.


This was my mom’s dinner choice when we were in Santa Cruz last month. It shouldn’t surprise me that she ordered this as she’s also the lady who likes nutritional yeast on ice cream. I tried a bite. It was ok. Not gag-worthy, but not something that I’d order again. Novel, but not great.

Exhibit B: This dress (I hope).


I absolutely H.A.T.E. (That’s me spelling because we don’t use the “h” word in my house) this style of ‘short in the front/long in the back’ dresses. I don’t even find this novel, but others apparently do and I hope the trend goes away fast.

Exhibit C: Yellow watermelon.


I first saw this watermelon at the Walla Walla Farmer’s Market and I had to have one.

A) Because I always try to buy things at the market. I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t buy things from Farmer’s Markets, the vendors don’t make money and then they stop coming and then the “Farmer’s Market” turns into a Mary Kay table and a lady who makes soaps that all smell of patchouli.

B) Because yellow watermelon! How cool is that?


Before you drive between 30-300 miles for the WW Farmer’s Market, just to experience your own yellow watermelon, here’s the scoop:


It tastes fine. It tastes like watermelon (shocker). It is very labor intensive because there are 1569 seeds and cutting the fruit into chunks worth eating took a lot of time.

Novel, but not great.

Exhibit D: I typically believe that Buzzfeed falls into the “novel, but not great” category but these Tips for Runners are brilliant. After my run today I definitely needed #’s 5, 14, and 19.


And I gotta say, some of that yellow watermelon was pretty amazing following my 8 miles!


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