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Canning Peaches

This week has been weird for me. It’s possible that the Vicodin played into this. (If you’re new, I had a root canal on Tuesday. It wasn’t my best moment.)

But pain relieving medication aside, it was weird because for the first time in my life as a mom, Matty B went on a business trip and I stayed home with the kids.

Honestly, it was kind of surreal. After all, I’m typically the one in my power suit, heading out the door to conquer the world. And Tuesday morning, I was that mom in my yoga pants, kids spreading toast crumbs all over the breakfast bar, kissing Matty B goodbye as he headed out the door.

And it’s not like I’m a person who holds fast to “gender roles” (although I’ve never mowed a lawn and have recently banned Matty B from doing my laundry), but I just felt…weird. The stay-at-home mom. An unfamiliar, but not at all unpleasant spot to be.


I embraced my role wholeheartedly (would you expect anything less?)


I canned peaches! This was novel, not only for me, but for J Man who couldn’t get over the fact that we were “storing food for the winter.” When I tried to get him to try a bite of peach, he responded in horror:

“But mommy, if I eat the peaches now, what will we eat this winter?”


Before you start to tell all your friends about how awesome I am, you should know that I’m blessed to have an amazing friend who could can peaches in her sleep and she came over and did all the work taught me how.


3 hours and 3 lugs later (isn’t that a funny name for a box of peaches? A lug?), we had 21 quarts and a pretty sticky floor (but only around where I was standing.)


I’m so excited to have “food for the winter.” And I just might be catching onto this stay-at-home mom thing. Now pardon me while I go and grind up some wheat for the bread that I’ll bake fresh tomorrow morning go to the store and buy a loaf of bread for toast.


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