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Morningstar Berry Farm

I always have the best of intentions for summer.

Fresh local produce every day! Lots of salads! No inside playtime, ALL outside! Deep clean the house! Sit out on the patio and watch the sunset with a glass of lemonade!

And somehow I find myself buying broccoli from Mexico, by way of Walmart, eating too many pancakes and playing wii bowling inside my clean, but amazingly cluttered (why are there marbles everywhere???) house.

This summer, I got the raspberries right.



For whatever reason, Morningstar Berry Farm just started their season of U-Pick raspberries. I gotta tell you, I was skeptical.

Isn’t raspberry season over? Would the bushes be picked over? Would they be soft and mushy? Or worse, dry and sour?



My fears were unfounded. Well, my raspberry fears were unfounded. My fashion fears are all completely accurate.


Yes, I am rocking a belly basket, the very uncomfortable sibling to the fanny pack. Thankfully I’d previously made scones for Matty B, otherwise he may have been on the search for a younger, belly basket-less lady.


We picked just under 6 pounds for about $18 and a good hour of country livin’. Well, we tried the country livin’ part. Every raspberry that J Man picked was thoroughly inspected for bugs and he asked numerous times if he should wash them. We’re highly antibacterial people, apparently.


The raspberries found themselves in some amazing lemonade, and I even tried my hand at some jam!




My friend Gabby helped. I think she thought it was delicious.


I hope it sets up!

Oh well if it doesn’t. I could call it raspberry syrup and eat it on the pancakes that I’m going to stop eating…


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