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Tooth Trouble

I’m having a bad day.

There aren’t any pictures to commemorate this day because I’m grumpy and no one wants to see that.

There have been a few minor annoyances. My iPad was “broken” but then Matty B touched it and it was miraculously healed. Miss Rae ran over my (bare) toe with her bike tire and a big hunk of my toenail fell off. The bananas in the bowl are too green for my liking.

But the biggest problem?


My teeth, specifically. One tooth, more specifically. To give you all the details, tooth #3.

It’s a long painful story, but the moral of the story is:

Tuesday, August 19, 1:15 pm=root canal.

Before you start feeling sorry for me, you should know that I’m looking forward to this procedure because then I will be able to start recovering from this all encompassing pain.

A tooth seems like a very small part of your body, but this #3 tooth has affected every part of my life for the past 5 days.

It hurts to chew. My solution to this was to just not eat. This was a bad solution. Especially when I’m continuing to train for the 1/2 marathon and I barely made it through my seven miles on Saturday night. So, my running has been awful.

It hurts when I sleep=no sleep.

It hurts when I breathe. I’m still breathing, but I’m not much of a joy to be around.

I’m trying really hard to “blue sky” this situation and I’ve come up with 3 “positives”:

1. This happened on a week that I was already “off” work, so I don’t have to miss meetings or rearrange projects.

2. The kids are getting lots of quality time with grandma and papa because tomorrow will be my 3rd dentist appointment in three days. The kids are thrilled.

3. I have a newfound compassion and respect for people who suffer with chronic pain. I’m no baby. I’m a pretty tough chick (I think– shush, Matty B!) but to have constant pain for 5 days straight is absolutely debilitating.

On a somewhat related note, J Man has to get a cavity filled next week (what’s wrong with the tooth enamel in my family?) and I’m more nervous about that, than about my own root canal.

Any words of wisdom? Any tips for speedy root canal recovery?


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