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Thursday Thoughts, XVI

I had to think really long and hard about the Roman numerals above. It’s been a long week.

1. I was doing some speed work at the track and an old lady complimented my socks.


At first I was pleased with the compliment, but then started to second guess myself. If a sweet grandma finds me to be fashionable…

Either way, I’ve been getting my mileage in and I’m feeling good about the 1/2 marathon (just shy of two months away!)


2. I found another use for my tomatoes.


Salsa! Of course! This mix had Walla Walla sweet, cilantro, garlic, tomatillo and tomatoes- plus a sprinkle of salt= divine.

3. #1 tip for entertaining your 3 year old while you make above salsa: leftover dough.


Whenever I have extra dough leftover from pie crust, cookie dough, etc. I dump it in a bag in the freezer. Then when baby girls wants to “help” (and when her “help”=”hindrance”) I pull out the cookie cutters and some of the dough bits and she “helps”.

4. Peanut Butter S’Moreos???


Oh my goodness. And you know I have some Oreos leftover from this ice cream experiment.



This. So this. The quote is credited to Dita Von Teese, whom I don’t really care about, but this speaks to me. I am who I am. I’m doing the best I can.

I hope you like peaches.


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