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Oreo Chocolate Chia Ice Cream and swimming lessons

There are two key ingredients to summer: ice cream and swimming.

This post is about both of them.

One of them my children love. One of them they…tolerate. And if you believe that they only tolerate ice cream, you haven’t been reading this blog for long.

For whatever reason, both of my kiddos are water phobic. Yes, yes, they like the bathtub. It’s totally different.

Three years ago Matty B tried a “daddy & me” swimming class with J Man. It was a disaster. Disaster. And the moment we brought Miss Rae home from the hospital, J Man whispered into her ear, “water is petrifying, as soon as they try to teach you how to swim, you just scream and cry!”

But Papa and Grandma have a pool in their back yard which basically means we have a pool in our front yard.

My kids must know how to swim.


You can see how excited J Man is about this idea.

But they’ve been awesome! I give all the credit to Matty B. He suggested that we invite one of J Man’s friends along and that has been key. Basically, (fearless) Friend goes first in whatever drill is suggested. J Man watches and since Friend does it, he does it. Miss Rae watches and since J Man does it, she does it.

Neither of them like putting their faces in the water, but to be honest, neither do I. Genetic? No. Rational, practical survivor thinking? Yes.


I feel like this is the way that I should teach my children how to do everything. Just invite a fearless friend.

For such a brave feat as swimming lessons, there must be a reward.


Enter the second key ingredient to summer: Oreo Chocolate Chia Ice Cream.

I can’t take any credit for this recipe, but I can take credit for introducing it to your life. It’s by far the best vegan homemade chocolate ice cream recipe I’ve made.


You do have to plan ahead because the chia seeds need to gel overnight, but otherwise it’s super simple.


And then, because everything is better with Oreos, this happened. Have I mentioned before that Oreos are vegan? yes, about 100 times, get over it, lady.


I truly want this ice cream in my face at all times. (Which is always better than water being in your face…always.)


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  1. No. Way. I gotta try this. Oh, and since I’m new to your blog I DIDN’T know Oreo’s were vegan! That blows my mind. I love this “Fearless Friend” BTW. 🙂


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