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Beets, Tomatoes and Carrots

The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there. ~George Bernard Shaw

I got a fabulous text today.


A friend who has an awesome garden let us come out and pick beets, tomatoes, and carrots.




And it might be because I’m getting old (the gray hairs are no joke and tonight I sat around talking about cholesterol and fish oil with my parents), but the garden and the outdoors and my babies picking the carrots that they’ll eat for lunch tomorrow just kind of made my week.



We were laughing about how the only way I know how to cook vegetables is to roast them, but that’s exactly what I’ll do with all three of these beautiful mountains of produce.

And as it turns out, the soluble fiber in carrots helps lower cholesterol. Win!

I’ll make sure to share some with my parents so they can reap the benefits. (However, I actually have more gray hairs than my mom, which doesn’t seem quite fair.)


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