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2 Tips for Sleeping In

Like anyone needs tips for sleeping in…

We like our sleep in this house.

Lately, Miss Rae has concocted numerous “beds” around the house for her stuffed animal friends to nap.



You can’t take a step in the living room without fear of disturbing Lambie, Lil’ Lamb, Mickey or Olivia. Interesting that someone who is fascinated with naps wants nothing to do with them herself…


Unless, of course, she’s in the car and I’m actively involved in propping her head up while she sleeps. Makes Portland to Walla Walla a somewhat uncomfortable trip.

I like naps. I like sleep. I like sleep so much that it’s only because I know my mom is waiting for me that I get out of bed at 5:00 am for yoga. She’s not going tomorrow. I’m already thinking about sleeping in.

Today, you get not one, but two (albeit totally obvious) tips for how to sleep in.

The key? Plan ahead!!!

Tip 1: Breakfast. I like hot breakfast. And Bob’s Red Mill. And Lord bless him, but sometimes Bob’s grains take forever to cook and unless you wake up soooooper early, you’re stuck with quick oats.


So the night before, stick 1 cup of oat groats and 3 cups of water in your rice cooker. When you wake up for yoga sleep in until just before your kids are up, push “start”. By the time you’ve pottied and storied and pulled pink leggings out of the dryer because someone wants to wear their pink leggings right now, breakfast is ready.


As should be the rule with any hot cereal, add banana, blackberries and almond butter.


Tip 2: Lunch. This is a cop-out tip (like the rice cooker was revolutionary?), but this has saved me in many a morning rush. The next time you make a smoothie (Sunday morning, whenever), make double. Freeze half in a freezer friendly cup and pull it out on a morning you’re too lazy to get out of bed exhausted from your long run and don’t want to think about packing a lunch.


Hopefully, these tips will keep you snug in your bed for at least 18 extra minutes. Although, if you aren’t up early, you don’t see things like this:


Isn’t that sun amazing? (Or amazingly blurry? What can I say? It was early!!!)


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