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5 tips for hot weather running

Alternate post title: The time I chose sleep over running and suffered because of it.

My 1/2 marathon plan called for 5 miles today. Not an easy amount for me, but definitely not the farthest I’ve run before.

Typically, I run first thing in the morning- 5:30/6ish. The temps are perfect. But Sundays are different because it’s my long run day and Matty B stays home with the kids so I can hit the road, usually about 10 am.

It’s been in the double digits most days this week and last night I thought to myself, “If I don’t want to die of heat stroke, I should probably get up early (even though it’s Sunday) to pound out my 5 miles.”

But on Sundays I sleep in until 7 am! (If you don’t have kids, you’re laughing because 7 am doesn’t sound like sleeping in. If you do have kids, you’re jealous.) And I didn’t want to give up that extra hour, so at 10 am, I was heading out the door to conquer 5 miles.

I thought I was going to die. On a 5 mile run I never bring water. On this day I was so parched, I thought I might pass out.

Update: I survived, but in the process, wish to offer some hot weather running tips.


1. Don’t do it. If there’s anything you can do to avoid the high temps, do that thing. Go early. Run indoors on a treadmill. Go late. Middle of the day is not your friend.

2. Have a “mantra”. Between miles 4-5 I repeated to myself over and over: “This is hard. I can do hard things.” Over and over.

3. Get some new tunes.


Eminem is my running buddy and this song really helped.

Lyrics :
‘Cause sometimes you just feel tired
You feel weak and when you feel weak
You feel like you wanna just give up
But you gotta search within you
You gotta find that inner strength.

4. Plant water along the way, (or know where a drinking fountain is), but if you’re foolish like me and you don’t do that, gorge on watermelon upon your return.


5. Double your typical cool down time.


It seriously took me forever to get my heart rate back to normal after this run. I just walked and walked and walked.

I learned my lesson. It’s the early bird special for me during this training period.

Although, watermelon post-run is always a good idea!


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