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Saturn Cafe: Review

Vacations can be tough if you’re really trying to be strict about a vegan diet.

A) I’m vacationing with 9 people, at least one of whom demanded clam chowder (not “klam” chowder) and another of whom proudly declared that he ate deli turkey, a chicken wing and strawberries for breakfast this morning.

B) Sometimes it’s a challenge to find vegan friendly airport food (not at good ol’ PDX!)


LOVE the Good Dog/Bad Dog veggie sandwich!

C) Sometimes, non vegan things look/smell/taste sooooo good that I can’t stop myself.





So, on the last night of our Santa Cruz vacation, someone Matty B wanted pizza, someone Papa, Unk C wanted clam chowder and someone me wanted the kids to eat broccoli.

We ordered three sessions of takeout and everyone was happy.

Well. Almost everyone.



My mom and I ordered our meals from the Saturn Cafe, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

I have to start out with a positive note: the staff were super friendly, helpful and accommodating.

But it went downhill from there. Our first indication was the numerous overflowing with dirty dishes bus tubs that seemed to overtake the kitchen (in full view of the dining room).

The kids shared a cheese quesadilla and some broccoli. It was fine. Kinda hard to massacre cheese in a corn tortilla.


My mom got the Santa Fe salad. Meh. Fine. Not repulsive, but nothing special.



I got the Peanut Royale. Bland. Gross. No flavor. Seriously needed salt. Unfortunately, I ate this in our beach house which was well equipped with nutmeg, cardamom and binoculars, but no salt. None.

I ate a couple of bites and then deferred to the crust of Matty B’s pizza (which, in another turn of bad luck, was pepperoni instead of the requested cheese)-

Sigh…I guess we should’ve all gotten clam chowder…


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