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What I’ve Learned

I’ve been learning a lot lately.

Like, multiple coffees each day is apparently 100% acceptable.

Like, “speed work” somehow makes me run slower….what?


Like, the way I handle stress is watermelon. No lie, I stress eat watermelon daily. I’d show you a picture, but I ate all the watermelon.

Like, there are reasons you shouldn’t play ball in the house. Note the hole by Matty B’s knee that is remarkably conveniently knee-sized.


Like, committee meetings are the bane of my existence.

Like, if I purchase 16 ears of corn on the cob on Monday, there will be corn on the cob in my CSA share on Tuesday.


Like, I’ve gotta get back in the kitchen, but looking back at this time last year? Yeah, I wasn’t cooking then either.

What’s something you’ve learned?


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