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Life’s been running a little fast for me these days.

This morning I was with the kids at an indoor playground that featured a “ball room” absolutely stuffed with little, soft plastic balls meant to be shot from miniature air cannons.

Naturally, the kids were enamored and we spent a long time playing. And when I say “playing”, I mean that grandma and the kids shot the cannons, and I scurried around providing the ammunition.

I would start at one end of the room and clear out a whole corner. I liked getting all the red ones, then all the green ones, and so forth.

And I was having a really good time. And that’s weird, because I was just picking up balls and giving them to the kids.

But as I analyzed what was going on, I realized why I was enjoying myself so much.

I was accomplishing something. And I was being successful. And I could see progress.

I realize that I might need professional help.

Life is still running a little too fast for me these days, but I’m trying to fit things in like…






And eating lots of food items on sticks


And of course, these two…

Here’s to keeping all the balls in the air. (But at least I’m good at picking them up when they’re dropped…)


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