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Top 5 tips for road tripping with kids

I found myself facing the prospect of a solo road trip with two energetic youngsters. “Solo” meaning no other adults. No Matty B. No Grandma.

Just me.

And them.

I was a little nervous. 4+ hours in the car with Thing 1 and Thing 2? Seemed a little fishy.

But they were angels. Cherubs. Jewels. So because of this one successful incident, I feel completely qualified to provide a “how-to” guide for traveling solo with kiddos.


1. Have a plan. This didn’t necessarily help the kids, but it helped me. For instance, I created a sample schedule in my head.

1-2 pm: books, magazines (they love Ladybug and Babybug) and CD’s of kid songs.

2-2:30 pm: Rest time. Neither slept (thus Miss Rae’s grumpy look in the photo above.) but we turned off music and had quiet time.

2:30-3:30 pm: iPad (aka a traveling mommy’s best friend.)

3:30-4:00 pm: snack time

4-5 pm: Sesame Street DVD

Having a schedule in my mind helped me not get rid of all my tricks within the first 30 minutes.


2. Bring all the things. Snacks, books, iPads, matchbox cars, whatever. Also, save the best things for that last hour when they’re done.


3. Find the cleanest bathroom you can and make everyone “try.” For us, Starbucks was the ticket. Also helps with #4…


4. Treats. For everyone. I LOVE Starbuck’s Blackberry Mojito Iced Tea!


5. As soon as possible (for everyone involved), get those little legs moving! If it’s 1000 degrees outside, find a giant tree to climb on.

Baby girl’s head hit the pillow tonight and she was out.

Mommy isn’t too far behind…


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  1. Great sage advise. Kuddos for surviving your roadtrip!


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