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Thoughts on a pineapple green smoothie

Today I noticed the tell-tale remnants of a green smoothie on a co-worker’s desk.

“Ooh! You put spinach in your smoothie! I’m so proud of you!” I gushed.

“Yes,” she confirmed. “Spinach, kale, cucumber, lemon and a little bit of apple.”

I smiled brightly, and then tail between my legs, I slunk back to my desk.

Why? Because my green smoothies look like this:


Spinach, yes, but then a whole lotta sweet: banana, pineapple, yogurt and almond milk. A piña colada, if you will.

But in my defense:


1. This smoothie tasted really good and I betcha the kale/cucumber concoction wasn’t as delicious.

2. It was perfect for a day at the pool (I made a double batch and brought half for a snack today.)


3. And who says that someone else’s “healthy” is the right healthy for me?

I feel like sometimes, sometimes we (meaning all of humanity) can take on a “high and mighty, my diet is better than yours, therefore I’m superior” mentality when it comes to food. Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, raw, Mediterranean, whatever, why is my choice better than yours? And even if you’re not verbally voicing your judgment about what I’m eating, why am I assuming that you are?



I’m not judging you for what you eat. Except you, Matty B Promise.

I’m going to try and stop caring about what I imagine you to be thinking about my diet.

Live and let live.


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