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Summer Bucket List, 2014

I’m a very goal driven person. I like making a list and checking it twice (wait- wrong season…) but I get such a sense of accomplishment from those checked boxes!

I usually like to make a summer bucket list but friends? Life has been crazy. We’ve been sick (a lot), Matty B is taking 14 credits this summer and for some reason, work hasn’t slowed down for me (don’t people know that it’s summer?)

So I kind of cheated. I’ve set some goals for the summer, but to be perfectly honest, these goals are:

A) super easy
B) things that I’m already doing

Oh well. It’s still satisfying to check off those boxes!

Summer Goals

Food: fresh fresh fresh!





Between our CSA, our garden, and random farm visits/farmer’s markets, we’ve been loving all the seasonal produce!

2. Ride my bike to work 3x a week…


…and train for the Walla Walla 1/2 Marathon! I’m gonna do it! I’m following this training plan and I’m excited/apprehensive/proud/nervous.

3. Camp with these nuts…in a tent…


…in our backyard:)

Also, they need swimming lessons.

So, it’s the lamest Summer Bucket List you’ve ever seen, but I’m loving the cherries and the bike riding…and all I have to do is pitch a tent (and we all know that I’ll make Matty B do that part…)

Happy Summer!


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